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The Restaurant La Palma

Opened for lunch and dinner.
It is located at Santa Maria, very close to the sea and it offers a warm and pleasant environment. La Palma Restaurant has maintained the home cooking style and tradition of the Island.
The restaurant has an interior and exterior dining room. It seats 150 people.
Both dining rooms are spacious and bright. The predominant colors are green and blue. There are several references to the sea. It is decorated with butterflies, plastic dolphins, typical navigation utensils of old time, small-scale-model of boats and in the middle of the dining-room there are chandeliers built by artisans of the island. The overhead is made up of an elegantly polished and carved oak gazebo.

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Our Dishes

Our cuisine is strictly homemade(for example the tomatoe sauce is made by us in our kitchen with fresh ingredients),wich includes seafood and broiled prawn heads.
Mentioned below are some of our specialities riproposed by our chefs,clearly in anordance with the daily fish catch,then there ere other delicacies not included in the menù wich are:
• Ravioli stufed with grooper or stone bass fish in a delicate cherry tomatoe,calamari(squidd)and parmisan sauce;
• Paccheri mare e monti(large pasta with prawn and zucchini sauce)
• Paccheri con pesce spada etc...(large pasta with fresh sword fish or tunaembedded in tyme and eggplauts wich are baked in wrapped alluminum foil.
• Ponzese style fish soup cooked slowly in terracotta pots
• Bucatini cacio e cozze(Bucatini pasta with cacio cheese and mussels)
• Ponzese lentil soup with cruotons coocked in earthenware pots
Main courses/Entrees
• Ponzese style fried trawl fish
• Sicilian style sword fish,grilled or broiled
• Our various fried ebtrees and mixed or single grill entrees,wich can contain the choice of royal red sicilian shrimps,prawnor local prawn shrimps,tattler and local fresh squidd,pezzogne,gilthead bream,bass,solefish,dentex,sargo,amberjack or yellowtail fish etc,are available solely depending on the fish catch of the day on the island of Ponza.
End your meal with the delightsof our homemade pastries and cokes,
• Cheese cake
• Panna cotta(cooked whipped cream)
• Various puddings
• Tiramisù(made with cream,coffee and chocolate)
• Salame al cioccolato(crushed coohies with chocolate)
All is accompanied with a widand rauge selection of spirits from the white wine to red to rosé,all selected by our sommelier Paul Wilson.

chef Candida polpi zuppa

Groups Menus
We work with parties of tourists and the menu is as follows:.

• Octopus salad
• Risotto with seafood
• Fried squidd
• Green salad
• Homemade tiramisù
• 1/2 water,1/4 famer's white wine
25 euro per person.


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